28 dic 2009

Royal Canin ::: ambient

"We booked two billboards (18/1) placed face to face, each on one side of a small street. One of the billboards shows the close portrait of a dog (of the breed Gread Dane) on a plain white background. The dog looks directly to the billboard in front of him, he has a longing expression on his face, is magnetised of what he sees. The sight of the billboard he is faced with obviously makes his mouth water: his drool drops from his tongue and ponds beneath the billboard. (We created this puddle with jam sugar that dropped from a simple installation of a canister and a tube.) On the other side of the street the viewer sees, what fascinates the drooling dog: The huge picture of "Royal Canin Great Dane" dog food!"
Advertising Agency: Heye & Partner GmbH, Hamburg, Germany

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