12 apr 2010

Paparazzi restaurant ::: street marketing

A famous producer Fedor Bondarchuk opens “Paparazzi” restaurant in Ekaterinburg. It is necessary to attract attention of stylish and well-to-do young people. They chose several dozens of young trendsetters (DJs, broadcasters, bloggers and clubbies). Professional paparazzi were following them during a week secretly making photos. Five days before the opening those followed received envelops with their photos and invitations and the picture of Bondarchuk with camera reading “Paparazzi in the city”. Astonished trendsetters spread the news among acquaintances, broadcasted and placed that in blogs. More than 400 people attended the opening and “Paparazzi” still keeps the image of the most trendy place in the city.
Agency: Voskhod Yekaterinburg, Russia.

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