30 ott 2009

zappos.com ::: viral

Un uomo nudo gira nudo per New York e raccoglie le sue scorribande per il World’s Fastest Nudist nel suo blog e su youtube. E' questa l'idea dell'agenzia Agent16 per promuovere il fatto che il sito di vendite online shoe Zappos.com vende anche vestiti.
Over the last few months, New Yorkers may have been blessed with a sighting of The World's Fastest Nudist, a man sprinting through the city and its boroughs wearing little more than a fanny pack over his private parts. While giving the Naked Cowboy some stiff competition, he updated his escapades on his blog, built up a sizable following on YouTube and garnered attention from various media outlets. Turns out, the whole thing was a clever stunt via New York's Agency 16 and production outfit Bullet, to promote the fact that online shoe retailer Zappos.com also sells clothes.

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